“My Feelings Matter!” Poster Contest

16 01 2013

Energize your community around children’s mental health-encourage children and youth of all ages to participate in a poster contest!
Connecting with children about their feelings, validating them and helping children develop ways to appropriately express emotions supports mental health and overall well-being.
Participation in the Poster Contest is one way to draw attention to the importance of our internal well-being. The following age groups are eligible to participate:
• Preschoolers
• K-2nd grade
• 3rd grade-5th grade
• 6th grade-8th grade
• High school

Submissions will be accepted February 1, 2013 through March 8, 2013 and a prize will be awarded to a winner in each category. To Find out more go here: My Feelings Matter Poster Contest
The contest is hosted by the Children’s Mental Health Matters Coalition.
To learn more about the contest and ways to support children’s mental health please visit: https://wisconsinknowschildrensmentalhealthmatters.wordpress.com/