Contest Winners & Event Details

25 04 2017

All My Feelings Matter poster contest winners have been notified, and we are pleased to announce our winners to the general public! Thank you again to all of the children and young adults who sent in their artwork– it was very tough choosing our finalists. We strongly encourage you to enter in future years, and to keep your creativity alive year-round. Finally, we invite the general community (all of you!) to attend our event to raise awareness of children’s mental health, in Madison, WI from noon to 1 pm CST on May 4, National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day. Winning posters from our contest will be displayed, and local youth will provide entertainment for attendees. Materials and information to discuss mental health with the child(ren) in your life will be available. Click the image below to view our event invite for further details:

CMHA Day Invitation 2017

And now, (drumroll please), our winners:

High School:

1st place: Kaitlin Joy Hulwi
HS First Place_2017

2nd place: Sophia Tollefson

HS Second Place_2017

3rd place: Areianna Goehrs

HS Third Place_2017

Grades 6-8:
1st place: Aleah Vanlandingham

Grades 6-8 First Place_2017

2nd place: Aiyana K. Lark

Grades 6-8 Second Place_2017

3rd place: Paris Croker

Grades 6-8 Third Place_2017

Grades 3-5:
1st place: Grace Steinke

Grades 3-5 First Place_2017

2nd place: Anna Strasser

Grades 3-5 Second Place_2017

3rd place: Eliza Rhodehamel

Grades 3-5 Third Place_2017

Grades K-2:

1st place: Nicholas Allind

K-2 First Place_2017

2nd place: Mykel Repp

K-2 Second Place_2017

3rd place: Cooper Berg

K-2 Third Place_2017


1st place: Harlea Fortney

Pre-K First Place_2017

2nd place: Remy Sumner

Pre-K Second Place_2017

3rd place: Madison Locke

Pre-K Third Place_2017

Congratulations to our winners and a big THANK YOU for those who took the time to vote! We hope to see all of you at our May 4th event.




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26 04 2017

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