The 2018 My Feelings Matter Poster Contest is Here!

The Children’s Mental Health Matters Coalition has now opened our annual My Feelings Matter youth poster contest to entries. Entries will be accepted until March 31, 2018. Finalists will be selected by the coalition and winners will be chosen by your votes on our blog. We will not be hosting an event following the contest in 2018, but please stay tuned for other activities surrounding the contest! Contact Phyllis Greenberger at  PhyllisG@drwi.org with questions.

Get the contest entry form:

CMHMC entry form-2018_Page_1

Wisconsin Knows Children’s Mental Health Matters Toolkit

This toolkit provides materials for communities throughout the state to use to promote the positive mental health of all their children. In this toolkit you’ll find the following resources to help you get started:

    • Promote Social-Emotional Well-Being: On this page you’ll find basic tips for supporting children’s positive mental health and helpful links for more information.
    • Energize Your Community: This page lists concrete activities that will help you develop a new project or adapt an existing project or event in your community that promotes positive mental health
    • Maximize Your Impact:  This page includes the following advocacy information to support your community’s efforts to promote positive children’s mental health:
      • The Difference Between Advocacy and Lobbying
      • Tips for Meeting with a Policymaker
      • Tips for Writing to a Policymaker
      • Tips for Working with the Media
    • Support Families: This page provides a template for communities to use and customize based on their individual resources. It is not a resource guide, but a short list of resources portals/gateways where families and others can go to ask questions and find resources.

To make an impact at both the local and statewide levels, it’s important that communities use consistent and effective messages. The Frameworks Institute has developed communications tools that help in talking and writing about children’s mental health. Visit Talking About Children’s Mental Health to access talking points, frequently asked questions and more.

We all play a role in supporting positive mental health for all children in our community: from families to schools, from child care providers to businesses, all parts of our community have the opportunity to support positive mental health development for our children.

Whenever you see children playing and learning in enriching environments, what you’re really seeing is brain building. The latest science shows that these early experiences actually build the architecture of the developing brain; much like a house is built from the bottom up. Each step lays the groundwork for the next set of skills – like reading and math- and a lifetime of learning, success and productive, responsible citizenship. At each stage of development, from birth to adulthood, we know that mental health matters and that we all have a role in supporting positive mental health for our children.

 Download the entire Toolkit


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6 11 2012

Nice Post!

8 04 2014

Some of these are terrific and oh so accurate.

9 04 2014
Dorran Hiller

Good luck Sydney, well done!

11 04 2014

Great Work!

12 11 2014
Rebecca Wigg-Ninham

Getting Ready for the 2015 Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day Celebration on May 7, 2015!

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