Energize Your Community

Mental Health Awareness Project Ideas

LOVE – Below is a list of ideas to energize your community around promoting children’s mental health and social-emotional well-being. These ideas are just starting points and will require different levels of involvement, effort and resources. Any idea, project or event needs a home and a champion to make it happen. That could be you!

TALK – Your community likely has many events where you could include information from this toolkit to promote positive children’s mental health. You can use the ideas listed below or work with your community partners to develop your own idea.

PLAY – Through play, children try out new skills, explore their imagination and creativity, and develop relationships with other people in their lives. Plan fun family events in your community – playtime with children can bring out the best in you and your community.

READ – Or use other creative opportunities to talk about feelings. Schools, churches and youth oriented organizations can sponsor community activities that allow children to express their feelings.

Any attempt to engage your community is an opportunity to promote positive mental health. 

   Community Links

   Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day

   Children’s Mental Health Conference

   Balloon Launch

   Table Tents for Restaurants

   Express Your Feelings Family Event

   Book Read

Other Promotional Materials
Children’s Mental Health Logo  Download PDF logo

Children’s Mental Health Toolkit 


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3 05 2015

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