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Advocacy Tips

Advocacy versus Lobbying
It’s important to know the difference between advocacy and lobbying as you plan out your campaign’s advocacy strategy. Read the Alliance for Justice’s publication Worry-Free Lobbying for Nonprofits to learn more.

Meeting with a Policymaker
A community campaign presents a great opportunity to build relationships with policymakers. Set up a meeting with a policymaker or their staff member who works on children’s issues, including children’s mental health. Here are some tips from the Children’s Defense Tips on how to effectively plan, complete and follow up after a meeting with a policymaker. Also, don’t forget to invite policymakers and their staff to your campaign events so they can see how important children’s mental health is to their constituents.

Writing to a Policymaker

Don’t forget about writing to policymakers! Use letters to keep your policymakers informed about children’s mental health and your community’s campaign. Here are tips from The Community Toolbox to make your written communications as effective as possible. Also, follow up in writing after any phone calls or meetings with policymakers, even if its just to reiterate main points and to say thank you.

Working with the Media

The media can significantly help spread the word about children’s mental health in your community. Whether you use letters to the editor or invite the press to events, be sure to include a media strategy as a part of your community’s campaign. Here are some tips from the National Consumer Supporter Technical Assistance Center of the National Mental Health Association about working effectively with the media. Also, see the following communications samples and outlines:

   Press Release Outline

   Sample Press Release

   Press Advisory Outline

   Letter to the Editor Sample

Want to know more?

Here are some easy to use resources that will contribute to a robust campaign for children’s mental health:

   Advocacy Tips Printable PDF


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13 03 2017

Links for lobbying for nonprofits are broken.

27 03 2017


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